Flags are available in different sizes and fabrics. You may choose to have your new flag flown over the Capitol for an additional charge. You may request a specific flying date, but due to weather and varying demand, no dates can be guaranteed. Flags flown over the Capitol include a certificate, which may be personalized for a particular person, event, or organization.

Please designate the flags you wish to purchase and provide any certificate and dedication information. Successful order completion also requires the billing and shipping information.

Paying with a Check

Checks may be mailed to my office with the completed order form. Click on “Calculate Prices”, review the order details, and then click on “Mail a Check” to view the printable order form with mailing instructions.

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Flag Selection (Select only one type of Flag)
SizeMaterialQuantity Flown Over the CapitolQuantity NOT Flown Over the Capitol
3x5Cotton @ $20.00   @ $11.00  
3x5Nylon @ $19.00   @ $10.00  
4x6Nylon @ $24.00   @ $15.00  
5x8Cotton @ $32.00   @ $23.00  
5x8Nylon @ $29.00   @ $20.00  
8x12Cotton @ $115.20   @ $106.20  
Certificate Information for Flags Flown Over the Capitol

If you choose to have your flag flown over the United States Capitol, please complete the following information for the certificate. If you have multiple flags to fly, they must all be flown on the same date.

Please submit your request between 1 week and 3 months from the current date. Due to weather and varying demand, no dates can be guaranteed.

If you would like different individual names to appear on each flag certificate, please type RECIPIENT in lieu of their name.

Each flag certificate you receive will have the word RECIPIENT replaced with the name you provide below.

Billing Address

This address must match your billing address with the account you are using to make payment. Note: Campaign funds cannot be used to purchase flags.

Shipping Address


Purchaser Information

Clicking on "Calculate Prices" will calculate shipping costs and the total amount due.